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Lesson 12. Using Find and Replace > What You Have Learned - Pg. 231

Using Find and Replace 231 4. The first version of the name is found in this document and replaced with Richard E. Melton. Click Replace All to find and replace the remaining names. Save the document. You can close this document. What You Have Learned In this lesson, you have: · Found and replaced text using detailed options to quickly modify a document (pages 260­262) · Found text within HTML tags and learned how to change it using Find and Replace (pages 262­ 265) · Used Find and Replace to quickly apply a custom style to a document (pages 266­268) · Used Find and Replace to attach external style sheets to multiple pages within a site (pages 268­269) · Saved your search settings for later use and loaded saved queries (pages 270­271) · Searched for patterns in text to find specific text like dates and names (pages 271­273) · Found multiple variations of a name and replaced them with one version (page 274)