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Lesson 6. Managing Your Site > Checking In and Checking Out

Checking In and Checking Out

If you are working on a team, the check-in and check-out options can make collaborating on a Web site much easier. When these features are activated, if a team member checks out a file to edit it, Dreamweaver locks that file on the remote server. Everyone else on the team would be able to download the file with only read-only privileges until the file gets checked back in. As long as the entire team enables check-in/check-out and uses the Site window, these features let your group know when someone else is working on a specific file, preventing accidental overwriting of material or duplicate efforts.

Choose Site > Define Sites.

The Define Sites dialog box opens.

Select the DW4 Intro site in the list and click Edit.

The Site Definition dialog box opens.

Select Remote Info in the Category list.

The remote-site information is displayed.

Check the Enable File Check In and Check Out checkbox.

One additional checkbox and two additional text boxes appear. Files become checked out automatically as you open them if Check Out Files When Opening is checked. You must be connected to the site for this feature to function properly. If you are not connected, Dreamweaver attempts to connect to the remote site automatically.

The text boxes are Check Out Name and Email Address.

Type a check-out name and your e-mail address in the appropriate text boxes. Click OK in the Site Definition dialog box and click Done in the Define Sites dialog box.

Your check-out name is only for group reference; it can be your full name or simply a user name. This name will be displayed in the Checked Out By column of the site window when you check out a file. Your e-mail address is available to allow team members to contact you with questions.

In the Site window, select the home.htm page in the Local Folder pane and click the Check In icon at the top of the window. Do the same for the map.htm page.

Dreamweaver uploads the selected files to the remote site. In the Local Folder pane of the site window, the files are marked with a small lock to let you know that the files have been checked in and will need to be checked out for you to edit them locally.


If you disable Enable File Check In and Check Out, you still see the small lock. To unlock a file, select it by clicking the file once and choose Site > Unlock (Macintosh) File > Turn Off Read Only (Windows).

When you are working with a group of people and using the check-in/check-out feature, everyone should use the Check In File(s) and Check Out File(s) icons to upload and download files instead of the Get File(s) and Put File(s) icons.

In the Site window, select the map.htm page in the local panel. Click the Check Out icon at the top of the window.

To ensure that you will be working with the most recent version, the file is downloaded to your local site. The file is marked in both the local and remote panes with a small green check, indicating the file's checked-out status. The Checked Out By columns in both the local and remote panes show your check-out name in the form of a clickable link to your e-mail address. Files checked out by other members of your team are displayed with a red check, indicating that you will be unable to overwrite them.



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