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Lesson 6. Managing Your Site > Uploading Files

Uploading Files

If you've selected FTP or Local/Network access to connect to your remote site, you can use Dreamweaver to check which are the newest files on your local site. This way, you can update only files that have changed.

Open the DW4-Intro Site window by choosing Site > Open Site > DW4-Intro. Click the Site Files button on the Site window tool bar.

At the top of the window, you will see a Connect icon, which logs you on to a specified remote server. For this exercise, you've defined a local folder, so the Connect button is not active.

In the Local Folder pane, select the top-level folder.

This folder is your root folder.

Choose Edit > Select Newer Local (Windows) or Site > Site Files View > Select Newer Local (Macintosh).

Dreamweaver compares the modification dates of all local files with the corresponding file information in the remote site and selects only the newest local files.

Click the Put File(s) button on the Site window tool bar to upload only the selected files to the server.

The Dependent Files dialog box opens. Your choices are Yes, No, and Cancel. Yes sends the images on the selected page, along with the HTML page, to the server. No sends only the HTML page. If you have changed only the HTML page and the images are already on the server, you have no reason to send the images again, so you would click No. If you have modified an image or added an image to the page, you should click Yes.


The Dependent Files dialog box also contains the Don't Ask Me Again checkbox. If this option has been checked previously, you will not see the Dependent Files dialog box.

Click Yes if you see the dialog box.

All the files in the local folder are copied to the remote site in the Site window.

This option could take a long time to execute, depending on the size of your site, so be prepared to wait. If you have changed only a few files, you might find it quicker to select the updated files and upload them manually.

When the upload has finished, you will see a list of files in the remote-site pane that mirrors the list in the Local Folder pane.



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