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Lesson 6. Managing Your Site > Using Design Notes

Using Design Notes

Design notes are useful for keeping track of information related to your files. These notes are for your information only; they are hidden text files that cannot be accessed or displayed in browsers by the users of your site. You can share the information with your co-workers easily by uploading design notes to the remote server. These notes can be used with all files on your site, including HTML and image files.

In the Site window, select the biking.htm file. Double-click the yellow text bubble in the Notes column, located to the right of the file name.

The Design Notes dialog box appears. The Basic Info tab displays information about the file to which the note is attached and the path of that file in the site. You can change the status of the file by making a choice from the Status drop-down menu.


The Design Notes option in the Category column of the Site Definition dialog box allows you to turn design notes on or off. By default, both the Maintain Design Notes and the Upload Design Notes for Sharing checkboxes are checked. Dreamweaver automatically uploads or downloads the design notes for any file you get, put, check in, or check out from the remote server when the Upload Design Notes for Sharing checkbox is checked.

Click the date icon above the Notes text box.

The date is inserted into the first line of the Notes text box. Use this area to enter any important information about your files.

A checkbox at the bottom of this window allows you have this note displayed when the file is opened.

Click OK.

The note is closed with the information you added. The Design Notes icons remain in the Notes columns to indicate that a note is attached to the file.

Select the rafting.htm page and choose File > Design Notes.

The Design Notes dialog box appears. You can use this method to attach a design note to a file when it is selected in the Site window or when the file is open in the document window.


You can also attach a design note from the Site window by double-clicking the Notes column for the selected file.

In the Status drop-down menu, change the status to revision 1 and click OK.

The Design Notes dialog box closes.



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