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Lesson 1. Learning the Basics > Using a Background Graphic

Using a Background Graphic

You'll add a background graphic to the surf_hawaii.html in this exercise. A background graphic generally is a small graphic that tiles behind your page by repeating itself to the width and height of the browser window. You can define both a background color and a background graphic for your pages. On slow connections or in slow browsers, you may see the background color displayed first. The background graphic then appears and remains on-screen, overriding the background color.

Choose Modify > Page Properties.

The Page Properties dialog box appears.

Click Browse next to the Background Image text box. Locate the fish.gif graphic in the Images folder to use as your background and click OK.

You see an example of a background image tiling in the document window.

You don't need the background graphic for the rest of the exercises in this lesson, so follow the remaining steps to delete it.


If you have not saved your file, the entire path name of the graphic is displayed in the text box. When you save your file, the path name changes to the location of the graphic relative to the HTML file. It is always best, however, to save your file before importing any graphics—even background images. You learn more about path names in Lessons 2 and 3.

To delete the background graphic, choose Modify > Page Properties to display the Page Properties dialog box. Delete the file name in the Background text box and then click OK.

Your changes are applied to the document.



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