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Lesson 1. Learning the Basics > Specifying Preview Browsers

Specifying Preview Browsers

As you develop your Web pages, you will want to view your efforts in a browser—in fact, in several browsers. In Dreamweaver's Preferences dialog box, you can specify which browsers you want to use to preview your pages. To simplify the preview process, you can use keyboard shortcuts for viewing your pages in two browsers, called the primary and secondary browsers.

Choose File > Preview in Browser > Edit Browser List.

The Preferences dialog box opens. When you click a browser name in the browser list text box, the checkboxes below the list will show whether it is the primary or secondary browser. If you have more than two browsers, it will leave both boxes unchecked to show that it is neither.


Alternatively, you can choose Edit > Preferences and select Preview in Browser in the Category list, located on the left side of the dialog box, to open the same Preferences dialog box.

Click the plus (+) button to add a browser to the list.

When the dialog box appears, browse your hard drive to find a browser application. Check the Primary Browser checkbox if you want to launch this browser by pressing F12 when you preview your pages. Check the Secondary Browser checkbox if you want to preview your document by pressing Control+F12 (Windows) or Command+F12 (Macintosh). (You'll be using these shortcuts often, so memorize them now.)

To remove a browser from the list, select the browser name in the list and then click the minus (–) button.

To change a browser choice, select the browser name in the list. Then click Edit and locate a different browser.

Click OK when you are done adding browsers.

Dreamweaver's visual representation of your page simulates how it will appear in the browser. You will see differences in how the pages are displayed in different browsers, however, and you'll notice differences even between different versions



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