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Lesson 1. Learning the Basics > Adding Flash Text - Pg. 40

Learning the Basics 40 3. 4. 5. From the Day Format drop-down menu, choose Thursday. From the Date Format drop-down menu, choose March 7, 1974. From the Time Format drop-down menu, choose 10:18pm. Check the Update Automatically on Save checkbox to update the date on your page each time you save your document. Click OK. The current day, date, and time are displayed. This information will change every time you save the document. You can change the date format if it is updated automatically. The following steps tell you how. Click the date in your document. In the property inspector, click Edit Date Format. The Edit Date Format dialog box opens. This dialog box is the same as the Insert Date dialog box and is where you will make any necessary changes. Make the appropriate changes and then click OK.