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Lesson 1. Learning the Basics > Creating HTML Styles - Pg. 27

Learning the Basics 27 Creating HTML Styles As you design your Web pages, you will want to use font changes to make your pages more inter- esting. You can easily change the font, including its size and color, but if you want to use the same color, the same font, and the same size for all your pages, you would have to remember the settings from page to page. HTML styles save the text and paragraph formatting from selected text, making it easy for you to apply that style to other paragraphs in your document or to any document in your site. If you change or delete an HTML style, text originally formatted with that style does not change. NOTE To apply formatting that updates your pages, use cascading style sheets, which are covered in Lesson 11. The following exercises demonstrate using HTML styles on a page. You will format some text, define several HTML styles, and then apply those formatting styles to other portions of the document. 1. Select "Crest," the first term in the definition list. In the Assets panel's Favorites list, select #006699 and click Apply at the bottom of the Assets panel. You applied a bold format to the word "Crest" earlier. Now you've changed the color to blue. The remaining definition terms on this page need the same formatting, as will any other lists you create in the site. You'll use an HTML style for this purpose. Choose Window > HTML Styles. The HTML Styles panel opens. 2.