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Lesson 1. Learning the Basics

Lesson 1. Learning the Basics

Dreamweaver 4 is an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) editor that gives users visual design and editing capabilities combined with the ability to work directly with code. Dreamweaver helps speed production time for your Web sites and provides tools for the management and maintenance of those sites.

In this lesson, you'll create a page like this one while learning to format text and test your pages.

In this lesson, you learn the basics of HTML layout and production in Dreamweaver 4, and you become familiar with the program's interface and tools. You begin to use the main site-management features by setting up a local site for the pages that you create.

You learn how to import text in different file formats. You also work with text and document settings to create a simple Web page and test your work in different browsers—a vital part of creating accessible Web sites.

You can find an example of the completed lesson in the Completed folder inside the Lesson_01_Text folder on the CD-ROM.


In this lesson, you will:

  • Identify the tools and become familiar with the Dreamweaver interface

  • Set up a new local site and specify preview browsers

  • Create, save, and title a new document

  • Specify a background and default text colors

  • Place text on a page

  • Position and format text

  • Use the Assets panel to save colors and apply them to text

  • Create and apply HTML styles

  • Create and modify Flash text


This lesson should take approximately two hours to complete.


Media Files:



Starting Files:



Completed Project:




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