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Lesson 15. Extending Dreamweaver > Using the Link Scrubber Extension

Using the Link Scrubber Extension

The Link Scrubber extension removes the outlines on links that appear in Internet Explorer when you click a text link, a graphic link, or an image map. First, you need to understand the purpose of the outlines so you can determine whether you want to remove the outlines or leave them as designed. The outlines are added as part of Microsoft's efforts to aid user accessibility. In Internet Explorer, if you press Tab or Shift+Tab on a page with links, you jump to the next (or previous) link (text or graphic). The link is then outlined to indicate that it has been selected. To go to the linked page, you then press Enter. This enables users to access Web pages by using only the keyboard.

Open the disjointed.htm file you created in Lesson 5.

If you don't have this file, you can use the file in the Lesson_05_Behaviors/Completed folder.

Preview the file in Internet Explorer and click one of the rollover buttons in the browser window with the white arrows (either biking, kayaking, or surfing). You should see an outline around the image after you click it.

Press Tab to jump to the next link.

The next link will highlight with an outline around the image.

Return to Dreamweaver and choose Commands > StudioVII > IE Link Scrubber. Click the Scrub Em! button to add the code to your page.

A custom script is added to the Behaviors panel for all three images with links.

Preview the page in Internet Explorer and test the results.

The outlines should be removed.


Each time you add a new link, you'll need to choose the command again. To remove the code, select the link. Click the Custom Script listed in the Behaviors panel to select it and click the minus (–) sign to remove the custom code.

Save the document.

You can close this file.



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