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Using Extensions

After you restart Dreamweaver, all four extensions you installed are ready to use. The extensions will appear in the Commands menu, the Insert menu, the Objects panel, or the Behaviors panel, depending on the extension type. Some extensions may appear in more than one place. The next several exercises take you through using the extensions you just installed.

Open the welcome.htm file from the Lesson_15_Custom folder.

The heading is lowercase. You'll change it to uppercase using the Change Case extension in the following steps.

Select the title “compass adventure tours” and choose Commands > Change Case.

The Change Case dialog box opens.

Select UPPERCASE and click OK.

The text is converted to all uppercase.

Create a new document and save it as calendar.htm in the Lesson_15_Custom folder. Title the page Calendar of Events.

In the following steps, you will use the calendar extension to automatically build a calendar. The extension builds a table with the dates of the month you choose already inserted in the table cells.

Choose Insert > Calendar.

The Insert Calendar dialog box opens.

Choose the month and the year you want for your calendar. For this exercise use the default options (Display Date: In Row; Start Weeks With: Sunday; Days Format: Sun; Empty Frames: Display; Display Months: Current Only). Click OK.

A calendar is built using tables. The calendar appears in your document.

Select the table and choose Commands > Alternate Table Rows. Type tan for the first color and #FFFFCD for the second color. Don't select the Include First Row option. Then click OK.

In the dialog box that opens, you can enter alternating colors you want for the table rows. Note that you can enter either a color name (such as white, yellow, tan, or blue) or the hexadecimal value for the color.

Save the document.

You can close both the welcome.htm and calendar.htm files.



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