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Lesson 15. Extending Dreamweaver > Using the O'Reilly Reference Panel

Using the O'Reilly Reference Panel

Dreamweaver provides most of the common HTML tags you will use when you design your pages. Occasionally you might want to add additional HTML or JavaScript to your pages. If you are familiar with HTML or JavaScript, that task is easy; you simply switch to code view or the code inspector and add the additional code. If you need some help in determining the correct code, you can use the built-in O'Reilly Reference panel. In the next exercise, you will add some code to the <body> tag to change the way a background image scrolls on the page. This change works only in Internet Explorer and does not affect the page if viewed in Netscape Navigator.

Open the bgtest.htm file in the Lesson_15_Custom folder. Preview this file in Internet Explorer.

This file contains a background image and some text in a table. As you scroll down the page in the browser, notice how the background image scrolls along with the text.

Switch to code view and select the <body> tag. Click the Reference button on the toolbar.

The Reference panel opens, displaying information about the <body> tag you selected.

The Book drop-down menu displays the name of the book the reference material comes from: O'Reilly CSS Reference, O'Reilly HTML Reference, or O'Reilly JavaScript Reference. The Tag drop-down menu displays the tag you selected in the code view (or code inspector). To the right of the Tag drop-down menu is a menu that contains the list of attributes for the tag you choose. The default selection is Description, which displays a description of the chosen tag.

Choose bgproperties from the Attribute drop-down menu.

The description of bgproperties appears in the window, along with the browser support for this option.

Use the information from the Reference panel to change the <body> tag by adding the bgproperties attribute to change the background image to a fixed position.

Your code should look like this:

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#FFFFFF" background="images/bkg.gif"

Save the file and preview it in Internet Explorer.

Scroll down the page to see the result. You can close this file.



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