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Lesson 15. Extending Dreamweaver > Checking Links in Your Site

Checking Links in Your Site

It is not uncommon for a Web designer to add, delete, or change the filenames of pages in the site during the development process. Overlooking a page that links to a deleted or renamed file is very easy. Your users will get very frustrated if they get the “404: File Not Found” error message indicating a page is missing when they click on a link. In this exercise, you will use the Check Link feature to find those missing links. Dreamweaver can only verify links to files within the site. External links are listed, but it is up to you to test those links and make sure the external link is a valid URL.

Open links.htm from the Lesson_15_Custom/Reports folder. Choose File > Check Links.

The Link Checker report window opens.

Choose Broken Links from the Show drop-down menu.

In this exercise, only one broken link is displayed in the Broken Links column.

Select the broken link (none.htm).

The filename highlights, and a folder icon appears next to the broken link.

Change none.htm to ad_page.htm. Then press Enter (Windows) or Return (Macintosh).


You can also click the folder icon and browse to the correct file to link to.

If there are other broken references to this file, a dialog box opens asking if you want to fix the other references as well. Click Yes to have Dreamweaver fix all the references to this file. Click No to have Dreamweaver fix only the current reference.


You can also check files or folders by selecting them in the Site Window and choosing File > Check Links. If you want to view the document or fix the links by using the property inspector, double-click the filename in the Link Checker window to open the file.

You can close this file.



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