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Lesson 15. Extending Dreamweaver

Lesson 15. Extending Dreamweaver

Throughout this book, you have tested your Web pages by previewing them in the browser as you have completed each exercise. As you've built individual pages or sections, you've had a chance to see how those pages looked and you've been able to make modifications as needed. Before making a site available to the public or to your intended audience, however, you should go further and test your entire site. Take the extra time to be sure you've worked out all the potential problems. If you have access to a testing server, it is a good idea to load the site onto that server and access the pages from all computer types and from as many versions of browsers as you can find. Test the pages under real user conditions. If you think a majority of your users will use a modem, make sure you use a modem to test the speed at which the pages load. If you are the primary Web developer, have others test your pages. Watch how other people try to navigate your site. Make sure to test every link and fix any broken ones. Try to break your forms by entering bad data. Remember that users don't think like you do—try to prepare for the unexpected as you check the entire site.

In this project, you will use two Dreamweaver extensions that you will install during this lesson to quickly generate a calendar like this for your page and to automatically change the colors of all rows in the table.

On any site, large or small, the task of thorough testing can be daunting. You've worked hard on the content and the design, but if users get frustrated because of broken links, pages that don't work in their browsers or pages that are large and very slow to load, you've lost them. In this lesson, you will learn how to use Dreamweaver in your testing process by running reports on your site in order to find out if the pages are compatible with certain browsers. You'll also learn how to check links throughout the site and expand Dreamweaver's capabilities with the use of extensions.

To see examples of the finished pages for this lesson, open calendar.htm and catcopy.htm from the Lesson_15_Custom/Completed folder.


In this lesson, you will:

  • Test your site for browser compatibility

  • Test the links in your site

  • Create site reports

  • Use the Reference panel

  • Add extensions using the Extension Manager

  • Use new extensions

  • Create your own objects


This lesson should take about one hour to complete.


Media File

Lesson_15_Custom/Images/…(all files)

Starting Files



Lesson_15_Custom/Check_browser/…(all files)

Lesson_15_Custom/Reports/…(all files)

Lesson_15_Custom/Objects/…(all files)


Lesson_15_Custom/MacExtensions/…(all files)

Lesson_15_Custom/WinExtensions/…(all files)

Completed Project





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