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Lesson 4. Elements of Page Design > Modifying Table Layout

Modifying Table Layout

As you design your pages in layout view, you will want to move or resize cells, or add new cells to add content. A layout cell cannot overlap other cells and cannot be moved outside the layout table.

In the layout.htm document, move the pointer over the border and click as it turns red to select the cell.

The cell border turns blue and handles appear, which you can drag to resize the cell.


You can also Ctrl-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh) within a cell to display the resize handles.

Drag the cell border to resize the cell, fitting it closely around the graphic.

In the table tab, the size listed in the parentheses replaces the old size display.

Drag the border of the cell to move it to the top and center of the page.

If you moved the cell to the right or left to center it, notice that the column numbers in the surrounding layout table change to display the new size.


Sometimes, the old and new numbers remain on-screen, showing conflicting widths for the same column. If this happens, you need to choose Make Cell Widths Consistent from the column-header menu. The column-header menu is a drop-down menu that you can access from the arrow next to the number displaying the width of the column. If only one number is displayed, this option is grayed out.

Use the arrow keys to move the cell to the left.

The arrow keys move the cell one pixel at a time. Hold down the Shift key to move the cell 10 pixels at a time. Leave some space in the column between this cell and the side of the table—approximately 30 pixels.

Below the top cell, draw three more cells side by side, with a little space between them. Make the last cell the largest.

When you draw a cell on the page, white guides appear to help you place other cells that you want to align with the first cell. Use the horizontal guides to align the tops of the cells.


To draw multiple cells without clicking Draw Layout Cell more than once, hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Macintosh) as you draw the first cell. You can continue to draw new cells until you release the modifier key.

Insert the rafting_tours graphic into the first cell; then insert the rafting graphic into the second cell. Both graphics are located in the Lesson_04_Tables/ Images folder.

If the graphics are too large, the cell sizes will enlarge horizontally or vertically as necessary to fit the graphics. If the graphics are too small, you should resize the cells to fit closely around the graphics, as you did with the Compass Adventure Tours image.

Open the rafting_text.htm file in the Lesson_04_Tables/Text folder and copy all the text. Paste the text into the third cell of the table.

You will adjust the size of this cell later in this lesson.

Add another cell below the rafting graphic and type the caption Rafting the Rockies.

You will adjust the formatting of this cell in the following exercise.

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