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Lesson 3. Creating Links > Inserting E-Mail Links

Inserting E-Mail Links

Linking to an e-mail address makes it easy for your visitors to contact you from a Web page. You should always include some method that allows visitors to correspond or interact with someone in your organization.

Click in the white space to the right of the graphic at the bottom of the page and press Return (Macintosh) or Enter (Windows) to place the insertion point in a blank line below the graphic.

Contact information commonly appears at the bottom of a page, often near copyright information.

Click the Insert E-Mail Link icon in the Common Objects panel, or choose Insert > E-Mail Link.

The Insert E-Mail Link dialog box appears, displaying options for text and e-mail.


The Common Objects panel is open by default. If it is not visible, choose Window > Objects to open the panel or Window > Arrange Panels to reset the panels to their default positions.

In the Text text box, type Send us your questions!. In the E-Mail text box, type your e-mail address. Click OK.

The text appears on the page as a link. The property inspector shows the e-mail address in the Link text box when you place the insertion point within the link.

Select Compass Adventure Tours in the sentence that begins “When you vacation…”


If you select text that is already on the page and then open the Insert E-mail Link dialog box, the selected text should appear in the Text text box.

In the Link text box of the property inspector, type mailto: followed by your e-mail address. Make sure that you type the colon and use no spaces.

You have entered an e-mail link manually.



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