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Lesson 9. Creating Frames > Opening an Existing Page in a Frame

Opening an Existing Page in a Frame

You've already started several content pages, so you need to make sure they fit in the content frame. You can open those files directly in the frame to check or edit them.

In the frameset.htm document window, click inside the content frame.

This is where you want the surfing page to appear.

Choose File > Open in Frame. Choose surfing.htm from the dialog box.

The page is loaded into the content frame and is available for editing.

Copy the text from Lesson_09_Frames/Text/calif_surf.txt and paste it below the heading.

You are editing this document inside the frame as you would edit any standard HTML document.

Use the Assets panel to place the surf image (from the Favorites Lesson 9 folder) between the two paragraphs and center the image. Save the file.


In the Assets panel, the image is called surf. You can drag the image from the list into the document window. You can also use the Insert Image icon on the objects panel to browse in the Lesson_09_Frames/Images folder for surf.jpg.

Depending on the size of the text and of the window in which your frameset is displayed, the content on this page may require scrolling. With the frame properties set to auto scroll, the browser will use scroll bars only if they are needed.

Open climbing.htm in the content frame. Copy the text from Lesson_09_Frames/ Text/wyo_climb.txt and paste it below the heading. Place the climber graphic between the paragraphs, and then save the file.

You might have noticed the Save All Frames command in the File menu. Exercise caution when using this command. It saves all open pages contained in your frames and the frameset. Remember that the frameset is the file you use when linking. The number of frames and the files that initially appear within each frame are defined in the frameset. If you choose File > Save All Frames while you are editing other pages within the frames (by using File > Open in Frame), you will redefine the frameset.



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