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Chapter 5. Site Content > Content Responsibility - Pg. 53

Site Content 53 For example, a tax accountant may provide information about where IRS forms and publications can be found in his area. Or he might list some Web sites with additional tax data. In both instances, he's helping the site visitor get more information, but he's not actually providing that information on his site. Site Revision Date You may want to include the date your site (or individual pages on the site) was last revised. But beware! If your site isn't revised often, including the revision date will confirm what the visitor may already suspect: that the site's information is stale. In fact, some savvy Internet surfers (myself included) will look for a revision date to help ensure that the information isn't old. It may be better to leave the date out and keep them guessing. On the other hand, if your site is updated on a regular basis--say, more often than once a month --it's a very good idea to include a revision date. This will assure visitors that your Web site's in- formation is important enough to keep up to date and that the information there is fresh. Content Responsibility A discussion of the site revision date is a perfect lead-in to the topic of content responsibility. You see, one of your responsibilities as a Web site owner is to keep the information on your site accurate and up to date. But that's not your only responsibility. Keep Information Current The more detailed and time sensitive your site's information is, the more time and effort it will require to keep that information current. For example, The Chicago Safe Company's Web site (see Figure 3.1) is basically an online brochure. None of its information is time sensitive. As a result, it doesn't need to be updated very often at all. But one of the Web sites I maintain, (; see Fig- ure 5.4) includes recent area news stories right on the Home page. If I don't update it at least once a week, the information will be stale and everyone will know it. The Web site will look poorly main- tained in the eyes of site visitors.