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Lesson 4. Using Smart Objects > Using Smart Adobe Illustrator Objects

Using Smart Adobe Illustrator Objects

You can also place Smart Illustrator Objects on a Web page just as easily as Photoshop images.


You must have Adobe Illustrator 9.0 or later installed on your hard disk to complete this section of the lesson.

Placing a Smart Illustrator Object

You'll now add a Smart Illustrator Object to the page and resize it.

From the Smart tab of the Objects palette, drag a Smart Illustrator Object icon to the top middle cell of the table.

Dragging Smart Illustrator Object icon to table cell

In the Live Image Inspector, click the Browse button (), and locate Lifeonfarm.ai in the Startfiles folder. The path to the file is Lesson04/04Start/Farm Folder/Farm/Startfiles/Lifeonfarm.ai. Click Open.

The Conversion Settings dialog appears. Choose GIF, and click OK. Adobe Illustrator opens in the background, if it is not already open, and the Updating from Source File progress bar tells you that the file is being converted.

Choosing GIF

In the Settings panel of the Save for Web dialog box, select GIF 32 Dither, and reduce the Colors to 20.

Click OK, and save the file to your Images folder.

Resize the placed Illustrator file to the same size (232 by 174) as the Vegetables image in the cell just below it either by Shift-dragging, or using the Image Inspector.


Automatic updating does not occur if the resized Web graphic is in the SWF or SVG format, since those formats are vector-based and scale well. Accordingly, Illustrator does not have to open in the background.

Double-click the Smart Illustrator Object on your page. Illustrator starts, if it's not open, and the original Lifeonfarm.ai source file appears. Make some changes to the file (for example, change the color of the white rectangle to yellow as we did), and save the file.


If the Smart Object's application does not open, choose Edit > Preferences, expand General preferences icon in the left pane, select User Interface, and make sure that the Launch Other Applications To Edit Media Files option displayed in the right pane is enabled.

Go back to Adobe GoLive. When you do, Adobe GoLive automatically updates the Smart Illustrator Object on your page to reflect the changes you just made to the source file in Illustrator.

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