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Exploring on your own

Cascading style sheets are easy to apply or remove from your document. For additional practice, try a style sheet that uses the same basic HTML elements, but has different style properties. When you apply the different style sheet to the same HTML document, you'll notice how easy it is to apply and change styles.

Start Adobe GoLive, if it is not still running.

Choose File > Open and open the PoetryPond.com site file. The path to the file is Lesson11/11Start/PoetryPond.com folder/PoetryPond.com.site.

In the site window, double-click Spotlight.html in the Pages folder to open the document. You'll add an external style sheet reference to this document.

Click the CSS button () in the upper right corner of the document window to open the Style Sheet window.

Click the New Style Sheet File button () on the Style Sheet toolbar. A new item appears as "(Empty Reference!)" in the Style Sheet window, and the Inspector changes to the External Style Sheet Inspector.

From the External Style Sheet Inspector, link the Alternate1.css file to the Spotlight.html document using one of these techniques:

  • Drag the Alternate1.css file from the site window to the Style Sheet window.

  • Drag from the Point and Shoot button to the Alternate1.css file in the Styles folder in the site window.

  • Click Browse, use the directory and folder controls to locate the Alternate1.css file in the PoetryPond.com/Styles folder, and click Open.

Alternate1.css style sheet applied (top); linking external style sheet from Point and Shoot button (bottom)

Notice how this style sheet reformats the document.

Try deleting any other external style sheets, except Alternate1.css, already linked to the page. Simply select the style sheet(s) in the Style Sheet window and press Delete.

Notice how the page is reformatted as you delete style sheets.

Close the PoetryPond.com site window.

Close the Spotlight.html document without saving your changes.



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