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Lesson 1. Getting to Know the Work Area > Using the document window

Using the document window

Now you'll open the home page for the First Strike Matches Web site in Adobe GoLive. You can open the home page directly from the Files tab of the primary site window.

Click the Files tab of the primary site window to select it.

In the Files tab, double-click the Index.html file.

The home page appears in a document window with the Layout Editor tab selected. The document window features a variety of tabs, which you use to either edit or preview your document. You use the Layout Editor tab, or Layout view, to add text and objects to your document, as well as set their attributes, using a variety of palettes.

We recommend that you position the document window at the top of your work area.

If needed, reposition the document window by dragging its title bar, and resize the window by dragging its lower right corner.

The document window contains a variety of objects as shown in the following illustration. You'll learn how to add these objects and other objects to your pages as you work on the lessons in this book.

A. Layout text box B. Layout grid C. Image

You can easily change the document view by selecting another tab in the document window.

Click the HTML Source Editor tab ( ) to view the document in Source view.

You use the Source view to design your document using an HTML text editor.

Click the Layout Editor tab ( ) to return to Layout view.

Now you'll change the title of the page. When viewed in a Web browser, the title of the page appears in the title bar of the browser.

Select the page title, "Welcome to Adobe GoLive 5."

Type First Strike Matches as the new title, and press Enter or Return.



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