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Chapter 12. Other Lingo Flavors > Lingo by categories - Pg. 327

327 Chapter 12. Other Lingo Flavors Lingo by categories Other Lingo horizons Hyperlinks Points to remember You've learned the central concepts of scripting and the main rules for Lingo's syntax. You've also had lots of practice using Lingo and writing handlers. In fact, you're probably surprised at just how much you can do with what you already know. Let's round out your education by introducing some new Lingo vocabulary. In this chapter, we'll build upon your current knowledge by showing you some of the many variations of special-purpose Lingo (I like to call these "flavors"). When you expand your knowledge of the available terminology, you'll find yourself contemplating an ever-broadening panorama of program- ming possibilities. As a reward, after we finish discussing text handling with Lingo, we'll take a stab at creating a movie