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Part IV: Reference > Paint window shortcuts

Paint window shortcuts

You can use these shortcuts when the Paint window of a graphic Cast member is open.
Undo last action:Command-Z or ~ (tilde)Control-Z or ~ (tilde)
Go to next graphic Cast slot:Right arrowRight arrow
Go to previous graphic Cast slot:Left arrowLeft arrow
Move selected item by one pixel:Any direction arrowAny direction arrow
Duplicate selected area:Option-dragAlt-drag
Copy selected area:Command-CControl-C
Clear selected area:Command-XControl-X
Paste selected area:Command-VControl-V
Stretch selected area:Command-dragControl-drag
Clear canvas area:Double-click eraser toolDouble-click eraser tool
Turn current tool into hand:Hold down spacebarHold down spacebar
Sample new destination gradient:Option-eyedropperAlt-eyedropper
Sample new background color:Shift-eyedropperShift-click
Draw with background color:Option-pencilAlt-pencil
Zoom In/Zoom Out:Command-click or double-click pencilControl-click (Zoom In) Control-Shift-click (Zoom Out)
Create shape with current pattern:Option-shape/line toolsAlt-shape/line tools
Turn selected tool into foreground eyedropper:D or OptionD or Alt
Turn selected tool into background eyedropper:Shift-D or Shift-OptionShift-D or Shift-Alt
Turn selected tool into destination gradient eyedropper:Option-DAlt-D
Polygon lasso:Option-lassoAlt-lasso



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