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Part IV: Reference > Sprite shortcuts

Sprite shortcuts

These shortcuts perform actions when one or more sprites are selected on the Stage or in their Score cells. When the term click is used, it means "click a specific sprite."
Move 1 pixel in a direction:Use arrow keysUse arrow keys
 (Will not work on sprites with internal cursors, such as text and buttons)
Move sprite 10 pixels:Shift-arrow keysShift-arrow keys
Open the source Cast member:Double-clickDouble-click
 (With text boxes and buttons, click the selection border)
Access the Inks pop-up menu:Command-clickControl-click
Display shortcut menu:Control-clickRight-click
Record in real time: Control-spacebar
  (hold down while dragging sprite)
Replace sprite with one from another Cast member (selected):Command-EControl-E
Delete a sprite:DeleteBackspace or Delete
Find selected Cast member in Score:Command-HControl-H
Step through script:Command-Shift- Option-down arrowF10
Step into script:Command-Shift- Option-right arrowF8
Attach a score script to a sprite:Click area above markers in the ScoreClick area above markers in the Score
Apply Extend Sprite: (Apply to selected range of cells)Command-BControl-B
Apply sprite tweening: (Apply to selected range of cells)Command-Shift-BControl-Shift-B
Split sprites:Command-Shift-JControl-Shift-J
Join sprites:Command-JControl-J
Edit entire sprite:Command-Option-[ (open bracket)Control-Alt-[ (open bracket)
Edit sprite frames:Command-Option-] (close bracket)Control-Alt-] (close bracket)
Run script:Command-Shift-Option-up arrowF5
Move playback head to beginning of Score:Shift-Tab or Command-Shift-left arrowShift-Tab or Control-Shift-left arrow
Move playback head to end of Score:Tab or Command-Shift-right arrowTab or Control-Shift-right arrow
Center playback head in Score:Keypad 5Keypad 5
  (with NumLock off)
Move playback head to next marker:Keypad 6Keypad 6
  (with NumLock off)
Move playback to previous marker:Keypad 4Keypad 4
  (with NumLock off)
Jump to next marker comment:Command-right arrowControl-right arrow
Jump to previous marker comment:Command-left arrowControl-left arrow
Move sprite back a channel:Command-up arrowControl-up arrow
Move sprite forward channel:Command-down arrow or keypadControl-down arrow
Hide/toggle sprite selection handles:Keypad + (plus)Keypad + (plus)
Show/hide sprite paths:Command-Option-Shift-HControl-Shift-Alt-H
Show/hide sprite overlays:Command-Option-Shift-OControl-Shift-Alt-O



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