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Chapter 5. Introducing Shockwave > Points to remember

Points to remember

We're just starting to scratch the surface of Shockwave. But carry these points with you as you continue your exploration and experimentation:

  • Shockwave is an enabling technology for Director and other Macromedia products. It doesn't change your productions; it just makes them able to survive in the HTML-based environment of the Web.

  • Without quitting Director, you can test your movies to see how they work when shocked by using Publish.

  • Before using Publish, be sure to use Save and Compact.

  • To view shocked movies, end users will need a Web browser capable of interpreting the Shockwave format. Most browsers need a special plug-in installed for this.

  • You need to design your Shockwave movies so that they play efficiently over the Internet without requiring long download times.

  • Director provides a number of behaviors designed specifically for Shockwave movies and other network operations.

  • The most recent incarnation of Shockwave has far fewer limitations than earlier versions. Files can be streamed—that is, played back even before the downloading process is complete. Audio and image compression is more efficient, and linked Cast members are allowed.

  • You should use just about every trick in the book to try and keep your Shockwave movies as small as possible. Use Lingo to script animations (instead of using the Score), and keep careful tabs on the size and number of your Cast members.



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