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Points to remember

  • Use the environment.runMode property to determine whether a movie is running as a Shockwave movie and to prevent commands from executing if it is not.

  • To direct navigation within the browser, use goToNetPage or goToNetMovie.

  • Use getNetText to retrieve text from the Internet to the cache. When the text is successfully downloaded, retrieve the contents using netTextResult.

  • The netStatus command allows you to place information in the status area of a browser.

  • The one exception to the rule against downloading to the end user's system is the preferences file. You can write to and read from any number of basic text files, which will be stored in Shockwave's Prefs folder. When using preferences files, it's a good idea to come up with your own system for giving them unique names, since many other authors may also be placing preferences files, and a name duplication could overwrite your work.

  • One of the recent improvements of Shockwave is the ability to stream files rather than just download them in a single lump. Movies can begin playback as soon as the elements for the first frame are in place.

  • The streaming behavior of an individual movie is set in the Modify Playback dialog box, accessible from the Modify menu. To enable streaming for your movie, select the Play While Downloading Movie option.

  • If you need to prevent your movie from proceeding until sufficient media has downloaded, you can use the Lingo terms frameReady and mediaReady, or some of the behaviors included in the Library Palette.

  • Audio files can be converted to Shockwave Audio (SWA), which can then be streamed like streaming Shockwave movies.

  • A movie's internal sounds cannot be streamed, but they can be compressed using SWA compression. This makes the movie smaller and allows it to download faster.



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