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Chapter 6. Deeper into Graphics > Points to remember

Points to remember

When working with graphics in Director, keep these points in mind:

  • Vector shapes are best for simple graphics; bitmap graphics are better for complex images.

  • You can select artwork in the Paint window in four ways: using the Shrink, No Shrink, Lasso, and See Thru modes.

  • You can apply a number of effects to selected artwork via the Paint window. Director even supports Photoshop-compatible plug-in effects.

  • You can create custom stroke patterns for the Air Brush and Brush tools.

  • Paint ink effects are applied in the Paint window and are permanent. Sprite ink effects are applied in the Score and can be changed at any time.

  • Convert text to bitmapped artwork with the Convert to Bitmap command.

  • To change an element's color depth, use the Transform Bitmap command.

  • Seek the right level of color depth for your artwork. Don't bloat file size by saving graphics at a higher quality than your computer can display, but don't compromise quality by downsampling unnecessarily.

  • You can create a custom palette by copying a current one or by importing a piece of artwork created in a nonstandard palette.

  • Palettes can be associated with individual Cast members as well as saved as Cast members.

  • Only one palette can be active. Artwork on the Stage not mapped to that palette will be inaccurately displayed. Some times that's the desired effect.

  • Color cycling is a light show type of palette effect that spins through a range of color substitutions. It works only in 8-bit color.

  • Shifts in color palettes are processed before the Stage is visually updated, which can result in an abrupt transition. Use the Palette Transition option to mask that change by blacking or whiting out the monitor while the palettes shift.

  • Use the Pen tool and shape tools to create vector shapes, and the Pen and Arrow tools to edit vector shapes.

  • The points from which a vector shape is created have handles that you can use to adjust the curve of a connecting line.



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