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Spell Checking

GoLive's built-in spelling checker can locate spelling errors in a single page or throughout your site. You can use one of several English language or non-English dictionaries, or add your own words to a Personal Dictionary. To use a non-English dictionary, select it when you install GoLive for the first time, or run the installer to add the dictionary.

To check spelling:

Open a GoLive document and make sure that you're working in the Layout Editor.

Choose Edit > Check Spelling. The Check Spelling dialog box appears (Figure 3.31).

Figure 3.31. The Check Spelling dialog box.

If you would like to use a dictionary other than the default U.S. English dictionary, choose it from the Language pulldown menu. The dictionary must be installed with GoLive before you can use it.

Click Start.

The spell checker locates words that it does not recognize, whether they're misspelled or simply not included in the dictionary.

To correct a spelling mistake, click one of the suggestions offered (Figure 3.32), and then click the Change button. If you don't see a suggestion you like, type a new spelling for the word in the field provided.

Figure 3.32. When the spelling checker questions a word, you can choose the correct spelling from the list presented in the lower pane.

You can also tell the spell checker to simply Ignore a word that it doesn't know. Ignore All passes over all occurrences of the word.

If the spellchecker has pointed out a word that is not misspelled, and should be added to your personal dictionary, click the Learn button.

To delete a flagged word, click the Delete button.



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