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Floating Boxes

Floating boxes are based on the HTML tag <div>. This encloses objects and text in moveable boxes, visible in the Layout Editor but invisible to receiving browsers. Pre-4.0 browsers support <div>, but you can't view stacked or overlapping floating boxes in these older browsers. Everything within the <div> tag and displayed in the floating box in the Layout Editor is bounded by the box. Everything inside the box is positioned, aligned, or otherwise related to the box, rather than to a table, or to the page as a whole. When you move a floating box, its contents come along.

To create a floating box:

Choose the Floating Box icon (Figure 12.1) from the Objects palette and either drag it into the Document window, or double-click it.

Figure 12.1. The Floating Box icon is on the Basic tab of the Objects palette.

An empty floating box appears. Note that the box is numbered in the lower-right corner (Figure 12.2). This identifies it for ordering the layers of the Document window. A tiny placeholder box bearing the initials SB (see sidebar) appears at the upper left of the Document window, indicating the presence of a floating box in the layout.

Figure 12.2. The floating box placeholder has a number, identifying it for layer ordering.

Without clicking the mouse, move the cursor over the new box.

When the cursor changes from an I-beam to a hand (Figure 12.3), drag the box to another position in the Document window. Unlike most other elements, you can drag a floating box around the Layout Editor, even if the page does not contain a layout grid or table.

Figure 12.3. Click the edge of a floating box (when the cursor is a hand) to select a floating box or move it around the Document window.

With the box selected, change the size of the box by dragging one of the handles on the sides or corners of the box.



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