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Chapter 14. Building Sites > Fine-tuning Preferences

Fine-tuning Preferences

The Preferences and Site Settings windows include options that change the way you interact with your site. I've covered some of these options in the course of adding files and resources, and I'll cover more when I discuss publishing Web sites in Chapter 16. For now, though, there are a few settings you may find useful as you work on your site.

To set site preferences:

Choose Edit > Preferences.

Click the Site icon to display site-related options (Figure 14.47).

Figure 14.47. Set file management and naming options in the Site Preferences window.

  • To control how GoLive scans a site to verify that links are working, check Reparse only modified files and/or Reparse files only on harddisk rescan.

  • Allow the use of aliases to files outside the site hierarchy by checking Create URL mapping for alias to folder.

  • Spring-loaded folders in a site file behave just like folders on your desktop. If you drag an item onto a folder and hold down the mouse, the folder opens.

  • Display full path shows the path from the root level to the selected item, in the Site window.

  • Leave Ask before deleting objects checked to receive a warning when you remove a file from a site.

  • Automatic backup of site file creates a backup within the site folder. It's not a backup of the components of your site, but of the GoLive site file that keeps track of them.

  • Use the fields under the Names for new items label to specify default file and folder names used within sites.

  • Choose options for deleting files under the When removing files label.



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