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Lesson 24. Using Lists and Multiple Cast... > Linking an Existing External Cast to... - Pg. 528

Using Lists and Multiple Casts 528 Linking an Existing External Cast to a Movie The assets for the three pages of your pepper catalog are stored in the three cast files you copied to your Projects folder earlier. Although the movie's assets are stored externally, the movie's score remains in the movie file itself. Therefore, your strategy for external casts is to set up your movie so that a single section of the score works equally well with all the external casts linked to the movie. For this project, you can think of the movie score as a template for all the external casts. To create the template section of the score, you will use the elements from one of those casts. Then, using Lingo, you can link the other casts as needed. In this task you will link one of the pepper casts to the movie. To get started, you'll take a look at all the casts to see what they have in common. 1. Choose File > Open and open the FreshPpr.cst cast file. Then open the DriedPpr.cst and PeprCorn.cst files and arrange all three so you can compare their contents. Notice that all three casts contain similar elements in the same order: background, heading, Quit button graphic, Help button graphic, Previous button graphic, Next button graphic, and a picture. Inspect the cast properties of corresponding elements in each cast: select a cast mem- ber and click the Info button at the top of the Cast window and then look at the properties for the corresponding elements in the other two casts. Although the look of the corresponding elements in each cast is different, the dimensions are identical. For example, the headings (cast member 2) in all three casts are exactly 570 by 97 pixels.