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Lesson 26. Using a List Database > Creating a Highlight

Creating a Highlight

As you already know, part of creating any successful user interface is providing user feedback, letting the user know what parts of the screen are "live" and what option is currently selected. In this task, you will create a highlight that shows the current destination selection in the Nile Photo Notebook you began in the previous lesson.

Open Start1.dir in the Lesson26folder and save it asNile2.dir in your Projects folder.

This is the prebuilt file. If you completed the previous lesson, you can use the movie you worked on there and save it as Nile2.dir.

Click channel 15, frame 1.

You will place the highlight sprite here.

Open the tool palette (Windows Ctrl+7, Macintosh Command+7), select the Filled Rectangle tool, and then set the foreground color to blue.

Draw a rectangle over the word Victoria on the stage. In the score, adjust the endpoint of the sprite so that the sprite spans frames 1 through 18.

This is the first location that will be displayed when the movie opens, and it is the location on the stage right now, so it should be highlighted.

Figure .

While the rectangle sprite is still selected, set the ink to Lightest.

Lightest ink compares the pixel colors in the foreground and background and uses whichever pixel color in the foreground or background is lightest. Now the location name looks blue.

In the Cast window, name the new blue rectangle you just created Blue Highlight.

It should be cast member number 24 because that is where the first empty cast member was.

Save your work.


Using a highlight sprite over a graphic, rather than creating a separate graphic for the highlighted state of the button, as you have done before, is a great way to save disk space and download time.



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