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Lesson 13. Markers and Navigation > Exchanging Cast Members

Exchanging Cast Members

You've used the Exchange Cast Member command in earlier lessons. This Director feature allows you to swap images easily without having to place new images in the score or on the stage. This is the perfect feature for quickly exchanging the artwork that should appear in the frames that contain the Line, Res, Bio, and ? markers.

Select the 20:PrivationArt sprite, which begins in frame 45, channel 1. Then select the 18:LineamentArt cast member in the Cast window and click Exchange Cast Member on the toolbar.

Figure .

In frame 45, the privation and excesses art is replaced with the lineament art. When users navigate to the Line marker, they will see this artwork. Now the title above the lineament art must be exchanged with the lineament title so the artwork can be correctly identified.

Figure .

Select the 22:PrivationTitle sprite in frame 45, channel 2. Exchange it for cast member 21:LineamentTitle.

The title above the image you exchanged now correctly identifies it.

Figure .

Use Exchange Cast Member to display the correct image and title for the reserve art that should appear in frame 60 for the Res marker.

In just a few keystrokes, you have created three destination screens for the Priv, Line, and Res markers you inserted for this presentation. You can check the sprite labels to make sure you have exchanged the correct cast members.

Figure .

You still have two destination screens to complete. These screens will be displayed when users click the Biography and ? menu options. Each needs a new image to replace the 20:PrivationArt sprite, but they don't need titles, so the 22:PrivationTitle sprites can be deleted from these groups of sprites.

Use the Exchange Cast Member command to display the 28:BioPage image in channel 1, frame 75. Then select the 22:PrivationTitle sprite in channel 2beneath it and press Delete.

This page contains biographical information about the artist and does not need a title. For the next screen, you'll also exchange an image and delete the title.

Use Exchange Cast Member to display the 27:UserTips image in channel 1, frame 90. Then delete the 22:PrivationTitle sprite beneath it in channel 2.

Figure .

All the destinations screens now contain the elements that your viewers will see when they navigate to them.

Save your work.

Now there are screens to navigate to from the main menu. Next you'll return to the main menu to work on the navigation controls that will display the new screens.



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