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Lesson 7. keyframes and layers > Adding Background Music

Adding Background Music

Sound can add a great deal to your animation, setting a soothing mood or generating excitement. In this task, you will add background music that will play while the animation runs.

Choose File > Import to open the Import dialog box.

Windows only: From the Files of Type menu, choose All Files. Macintosh only: From the Show menu, choose All Files.

From the list of files in the Media folder, select Boiling.aif. Then click Add and click Import.

The sound is imported into the Cast window as a cast member.

Select the sound cast member and click the Cast Member Properties button in the Cast window.

Figure .

The property Inspector appears.

In the Property Inspector, click the Sound tab; then find the Loop setting and make sure the Loop box is checked.

Figure .

This makes the sound loop back to the beginning when it reaches the end of the sound file. Looping sounds gives the impression of a longer, continuous sound. This is a great option, especially if you need to keep file size to a minimum. Also, if you are developing custom music, you can spend less time and money on shorter sound files. Then you can loop them to make them seem longer.


Keep sound files small and loop them to give the impression of longer sounds. This helps reduce download time for Shockwave movies.

Drag the sound cast member to sound channel 1, frame 1, and extend it though frame 30 by dragging its end frame indicator.

Now the sound will play throughout the animation

Save your work. Then rewind and play the movie.

What a difference a sound makes!



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