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Lesson 8. Film Loops and Buttons > Creating a Film Loop

Creating a Film Loop

To create a film loop, you use both the score and the cast. The film loop you will create will contain the four alternative versions of the paper encapsulated in a single cast member.

In the score, select channel 3, frames 1 through 5, and then choose Edit > Copy Sprites.

Click frame 1 and Shift+click frame 5 to select frames 1 through 5.

These cells will make up the pieces of the film loop. You need to include cast member 1 in frame 5 so that the film loop returns to its beginning.

Now you will create the film loop.

In the Cast window, select cast member 9, an empty cast member, and choose Edit > Paste Sprites.

A dialog box prompts you to name the film loop.

Figure .

Type Paper Loop and then click OK to close the dialog box.

Now the film loop is a new cast member in the Cast window. This one cast member contains all the versions of the paper cast members, sequenced as an animation.

Figure .

Now you will set the film loop's properties.

With cast member 9 still selected, click the Cast Member Properties button. In the Property Inspector, uncheck the Play Sound box.

Director has two sound channels in the score. When Director encounters a film loop and the Play Sound box is checked, Director reserves the first sound channel and attempts to play a film loop sound for the duration of the film loop, even if the film loop has no sound in it. If the Play Sound box is checked and the film loop does not have a sound, you will hear only silence while the film loop is playing, even if you have a sound in sound channel 1, as you do in this movie. As a precaution, then, it's wise to uncheck this box in the first place and enable sound in the film loop only when you have a sound in the film loop that you want to play.

Figure .

Delete the sprites in channel 3.

You no longer need these sprites because they've been encapsulated in the film loop as cast member 9.



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