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Lesson 1. Director Basics > Viewing The Cast

Viewing The Cast

Like a theater production, a Director movie needs a cast. Actually, Director can have more than one cast available, and each cast can have its own unique set of cast members. In Director's case, the cast members are not people but media elements, such as graphics, sounds, digital video, text, or other Director movies. All of these are stored in the Cast window. The Cast window is like an off-stage area where the cast members wait until they're called to the stage. Unlike in the theater, though, in Director the same cast members can appear on stage in multiple places at once. This feature allows you to conserve valuable disk space (or download time) by reusing the same image or text as necessary.

If the Cast window is not visible, choose Window > Cast to open the Cast Window (Windows Ctrl+3, Macintosh Command+3).

The Cast window shows you the cast members of the current movie. The Cast window can be viewed in two ways: as a list or as a number of thumbnail images. For now, we want to view the Cast window in the graphical thumbnail mode. A Cast View Style button in the upper left of the Cast window lets you toggle between the two views.

If the Cast window currently shows the list view, use the Cast View Style button to switch to the graphical display.

For every cast member in the Cast window, a thumbnail image appears along with a small icon that represents that cast member's type. For example, a paintbrush icon means the cast member is a graphic, and the letter A means the cast member is text.

Figure .

Figure .

Both Cast window views are useful and show different information. While you are first learning Director, it is handy to be able to see the thumbnails as reminders of what each cast member is. When you are comfortable with the cast, you might prefer the list view and the additional information that it provides.

A movie's cast can consist of up to 32,000 cast members. You control the row width and the number of visible rows by sizing the window or setting the Cast window preferences. In the next steps, you'll set preferences to change Director's default cast member label setting.

Choose File > Preferences > Cast.

A dialog box opens and shows you the default settings for the way Director displays the Cast window and its cast members.

Figure .

Open the Label pop-up menu and choose Number:Name for the label.

Figure .

Displaying the number and name of cast members in the Cast window helps you identify cast members you want to use in your movies more quickly.

Click the Save As Default button; then click OK to close the dialog box.

Setting the default means you won't need to reset these values when you create a new movie.



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