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Lesson 1. Director Basics > Opening The Toolbar

Opening The Toolbar

The buttons on the toolbar provide shortcuts for common commands and functions, such as Open, Save, Print, Rewind, Stop, and Play. The toolbar is one of many windows you can open in Director. As you open windows in the following tasks, leave them open unless you are instructed to close them. Arrange the windows that remain open on the screen so you can see them completely.

If the toolbar isn't visible, choose Window > Toolbar to open it.

The toolbar contains the most common control buttons used in Director. It is a good idea to keep the toolbar open while you work on Director movies so you can quickly select a Director command with a mouse click. For example, instead of choosing File > Save, you can click the disk icon on the toolbar. The menu items, keyboard shortcuts, and toolbar buttons exemplify Macromedia's theory of providing many ways to accomplish a task.

Figure .

Slowly move the cursor over the tools in the toolbar to see the names of the tools.

The pop-up labels you see are called tooltips. Move the mouse over the tools to identify the commands and Director features they activate. If the tooltips don't appear, you may need to turn them on by choosing File > Preferences > General and checking Show Tooltips in the dialog box. While you are learning Director, you will probably want to have the tooltips displayed. Once you are familiar with Director's elements, you can turn them off if you wish.



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