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Lesson 1. Director Basics > Opening Director

Opening Director

Your first task is to open Director.

Double-click the Director icon to open Director 8.

You will see the menu bar and stage. Depending on your Director settings, you may also see other features, such as the toolbar, control panel, score, and cast. These and other features are described in this lesson.

The stage is where the action occurs. The Stage window may cover the entire screen or only a portion, or it may be hidden altogether. If it is hidden now, make it visible by going to the menu bar and choosing Window > Stage (or use the keyboard shortcut Windows Ctrl+1, Macintosh Command+1). If a window titled Property Inspector is visible, close it by clicking its close button.

Figure .

Take a moment to browse the Director menus to see the available commands.

Most Director commands are available through the menus as well as through key board shortcuts. The keyboard shortcuts, which you can use to activate a command without using the menus, are listed next to the command name.

The menus you see reflect the Macromedia user interface standard, which ensures that menus and other interface elements are consistent across Macromedia applications. This standard makes it easy for you to learn to use the programs as a single powerful tool for creating multimedia applications rather than as a group of separate programs.



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