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Lesson 1. Director Basics > Playing the Movie

Playing the Movie

In this task, you will use the control panel to play the movie you have created.

Click the title bar of the stage to bring the stage to the foreground so the Score and Cast windows do not block your view of the stage.

Choose Window > Control Panel to open the control panel.

Click Loop Playback to turn on this feature.

You turn on Loop Playback so Director will play the presentation continuously. If Loop Playback isn't active, the presentation will stop playing after the playback head reaches the last frame of the movie.

Figure .

Click Play.

Watch the text change from one color to the next. Congratulations! You created that effect, and it's a great animation for the beginning of a speaker's presentation.

Now watch the Score window to see how the playback head determines what you see on the stage. If the Score window is not visible, you can display it from the Director menu by choosing Window > Score. The movement of the playback head through the frames makes the sprites display the simple color animation you sequenced in the score. Because Loop Playback is on, after the playback head moves to the last frame of the movie, it returns to frame 1, and the movie plays again.

Click Stop and close the control panel.

You've created your first animation in a short period of time. Of course, if you were developing a complete interactive presentation, you would add many more media elements, and the presentation would be much longer and more complex. In the remaining lessons in this book, you will add more complex features to Director projects. In the next lesson, you will finish this presentation by adding an animated bullet list.



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