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Lesson 1. Director Basics > Changing the Color of Cast Members

Changing the Color of Cast Members

Remember how the text in the Artist.dir movie changed colors? That is the effect you will create for the text in the presentation. Right now the text color of each of the cast members is black and will not show up well on the graphic you have placed in the background. In the following steps, you will change each cast member to a color that will stand out against the background graphic. To do this we will use the Property Inspector.

Open the Property Inspector by clicking the Property Inspector button—that's the button near the top of the Text window that looks like an i in a blue circle.

There is also a Property Inspector button on the toolbar and at the top of the Cast window. Clicking either of these would have worked just as well.

Set the view mode of the Property Inspector to display the list view; then click the Text tab (the tab with the letter A).

Scroll down in the list until you find the Color property. Click the color chip and select the color you want to use for the text.

The entire text of the cast member is selected, and the text color is changed to the color you selected. When you deselect the text, you will see that the color has changed.

Figure .

In the Text window, click the Previous Cast Member arrow.

Figure .

When you click Previous Cast Member, the Text window switches from displaying cast member 4 to cast member 3. Now you will change the color of this text as well. Notice that the Property Inspector has also changed as you changed the focus of the Text window from cast member 4 to 3. The information shown refers to the currently selected cast member. Look at the top of the Property Inspector and you will see the cast member number next to the thumbnail for the cast member.

Use the color chip in the Property Inspector to set a new color for the text of cast member 3.

As you select colors, try to choose colors that you think will show up well against the background graphic and that are different from one another. If you don't like your choice when you view it, you can always open the Text window again and try a different color.

Click Previous Cast Member to display cast member 2 and then choose another color from the Property Inspector.

Now you have changed the text colors for each cast member. Look at the cast members in the Cast window and notice that the text is still black. Director displays the thumbnail text in black so you can read it against the white background in the Cast window. When these cast members appear on the stage, the colors you selected will appear.

Close the Text window and the Property Inspector.



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