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Lesson 28. Date Conversions > Making Fields Editable

Making Fields Editable

Although the calculator contains text field sprites, in their current state the user cannot use them to enter information. This is because, by default, fields on the screen are not editable by the user. You must specifically designate the fields as editable. You will do that next; you need to change all of the fields in cast members 13 through 18 to make them editable.

Select cast member 13, the To Year field, in the Cast window. Choose Modify > Cast Member > Properties (Windows Ctrl+I, Macintosh Command+I) to display the Property Inspector.

Make sure that the Field tab is selected and that the view mode is set to graphic mode. Select the Editable check box and the Tab to Next Editable Item check box. Make sure that the Wrap check box is not checked.

Figure .

Now the field in cast member 13 can be edited by the user. In addition, the Tab to Next Editable Item option allows the user to move easily between editable fields with the Tab key, a common feature in forms with multiple data-entry fields.

From the Framing pull-down menu, choose Fixed.

This prevents the size of the sprite from increasing if the user enters too much text.

Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 for cast members 14 through 18. Read the following tip for an easy way to accomplish this.

Now all six of the date entry fields can be edited, and the user can easily tab from one to another.


You can Shift+click to select cast members 14 through 18 at the same time. Since all these cast members are fields, they share common properties. The thumbnail in the upper left of the Property Inspector shows that multiple cast members are selected. By setting properties common to all of the cast members, you are setting the properties for all the cast members at the same time.

Play the movie. Try entering dates into the fields.

You may need to click the stage to give the stage the focus. Otherwise, some other Director window that is open may receive the numbers you type.

Figure .

You can enter dates, but as of yet, nothing is done with the values entered. They show up on the stage and are placed in the field cast members, but there is no Lingo yet to perform actions on them. You will fix that in the next task.



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