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Lesson 10. Custom Cursors and Buttons > Building Better Buttons

Building Better Buttons

Although it is instructive to create objects in the Paint window and use them for buttons, the simple sprites you created aren't all that nice looking. In general, when working on a large project, you will be supplied with the images from a graphic artist (or acquire them from a third-party source). The steps are the same, but it is nice to see what they might look like with some real buttons.

Save your work.

This is important because you will want to return to this movie after you have a chance to play with some buttons.

Open Start2.dir in the Start folder and save it as Button.dir.

The cast already contains three button images supplied for you.

Figure .

Set the stage color to white.

Drag cast member 1, blueBtn, to channel 1, frame 1, of the score.

Open the Library Palette and drag the Push Button behavior to sprite 1 in the score.

As before, the Parameters dialog box opens. By default, the three cast members are already given for the Standard, Rollover, and MouseDown parameters. These are the correct cast members, so you don't need to make any changes.

Figure .

Click OK to close the Parameters dialog box and then close the Library Palette.

Make sure Looping is turned on and then run the movie.

As you move the mouse over the button sprite, the button state changes. A third button state is displayed when you click the button sprite.

Save your work.



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