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Lesson 10. Custom Cursors and Buttons > Modifying the Frame Rate

Modifying the Frame Rate

The cursor you created is animated by cycling through the four bitmap images that you used to create it. The frame rate for the cursor is the length of time, or interval, that each image is displayed. You can set the frame rate in the Cursor Properties Editor. You can set the frame rate for the entire cursor only; separate rates for each image are not allowed. When you set a cursor's frame rate, that rate is independent of the movie's frame rate. Setting different tempos for the movie does not affect the speed at which the images in the cursor change.

In the Cast window, double-click the magic wand cursor, cast member number 11.

This opens the Cursor Properties Editor, the window in which your custom cursor was created. Changes you make here will be applied to the magic wand cursor.

Figure .

In the Interval field, set the frame rate to 1000.

The interval is calculated in milliseconds, so a rate of 1,000 means that the images of the cursor will each last for an entire second. This setting is a bit slow for the magic wand cursor, but it would be appropriate for some other cursors.

Click the Preview button to view the effect.

The cursor cycles very slowly—much too slowly for the twinkle effect you would like to use for the magic wand cursor.

Stop the preview and set the frame rate to 25 to speed up the cursor cycle.

Now the magic wand looks even better.

Close the Cursor Properties window and save your work.



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