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Lesson 29. Creating Hypertext > Approximate Time - Pg. 641

Creating Hypertext 641 Thanks to hypertext, you can easily explore large bodies of information, getting to just the information you need. With Director 8, you have the power to create your own hyperlinks within text that, when clicked, can execute commands, take you to other areas within your movie, or display other text. If you create a text cast member and create a Director hyperlink association for one or more of the words, you have effectively turned your text into hypertext. In this lesson, you'll learn how to use hyperlinks to create some basic hypertext. If you would like to view the final results of this lesson, open the Complete folder in the Lesson29 folder and play Secrets.dir. What You Will Learn In this lesson you will: · · · · Set up your movie for hyperlinks Assign a hyperlink Create a handler for a hyperlink Modify hyperlinks using Lingo Approximate Time This lesson should take about 1½ hours to complete. Lesson Files