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Lesson 29. Creating Hypertext

Lesson 29. Creating Hypertext

From the Internet to electronic encyclopedias to help systems, the use of hypertext is widespread. Hypertext is text that links particular phrases, terms, and words together with other information. By clicking a linked section of text, you can navigate to whatever information has been associated with that text via a hyperlink connection.

Figure . By adding hyperlinks to your movies, you can let a user click text in one location to branch to a different location in the movie, to a different movie, or even to a location on the internet.

For instance, you may be able to click a topic name in an online index to immediately branch to the section that discusses that topic, without having to navigate to the section manually. Usually, the clickable term is identified in some fashion, typically by underlining, as in "Once Bill learned how to use Macromedia Director, he found he could create anything;" if this were hypertext, then clicking Macromedia Director would take you to a page with more information on Director. Hypertext links may also be identified by color or some other device. The World Wide Web provides the most extensive example of hypertext available today. Each Web page usually contains one or more hyperlinks to other Web pages.

Thanks to hypertext, you can easily explore large bodies of information, getting to just the information you need. With Director 8, you have the power to create your own hyperlinks within text that, when clicked, can execute commands, take you to other areas within your movie, or display other text. If you create a text cast member and create a Director hyperlink association for one or more of the words, you have effectively turned your text into hypertext.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to use hyperlinks to create some basic hypertext.

If you would like to view the final results of this lesson, open the Complete folder in the Lesson29 folder and play Secrets.dir.



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