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Lesson 2. Animated Bullet Lists > Placing Sprites in the Score

Placing Sprites in the Score

To prepare the new cast members for animation, you'll first drag them to the score to create sprites for the bullets and the text. Before you begin work, change the view of the score so you can see more frames.

In the score, click the Zoom menu and choose 75 %.

Figure .

The Score window changes to display a larger number of frames in the score. The selections in the Zoom menu let you control how you view the score. Choose zoom out selections (12%, 25%, 50%, and 75%) to see more frames. Choose zoom in selections (200%, 400%, 800%, and 1600%) to view fewer frames. The Narrower and Wider options show the shortcut keys to use if you want to change the score zoom from the keyboard.

Now you are ready to create bullet sprites and arrange them in the score. The presentation needs three bullets, one for each of the three lines of text. Before the bullet makes its first appearance on the stage, you will let the text at the top of the stage cycle once through its three colors. The first color cycle ends at frame 30. That makes frame 31 a logical choice for the bullet's first appearance.

Drag the bullet cast member to channel 5, frame 31, in the score.

Figure .

Since you need a bullet for three lines of text, you must drag the bullet cast member to two more locations in the score. In the next step, you will drag the bullet cast member to the score twice, leaving an empty channel between each set of bullet sprites. This will make it easier later in this lesson to work with the bullet and text sprite pairs in the presentation.

Drag the bullet cast member to channel 7, frame 31. Then drag the cast member to channel 9, frame 31.

All the sprites are on the stage now and appear in 28 frames of channels 5, 7, and 9. The sprite for the third bullet in channel 9 remains highlighted since it was the last to be added to the score.

Figure .

At this point, the sprite you see on the stage with handles around it represents all 28 frames of the sprite in channel 9. As long as the entire sprite is selected in the score, a single change on the stage affects the entire sprite. This is true regardless of the position of the playback head. This means that dragging the sprite currently selected to a new location on the stage will make the bullet appear in its new location for all of frames 31 through 58.

You have probably guessed that the empty channels that follow the bullet sprites will contain sprites for the lines of text. In the next step, you will create sprites in channels 6, 8, and 10.

Drag cast members 5, 6, and 7 to channels 6, 8, and 10 in frame 31 in the score.

All the sprites for the bullet list now appear in the score. Arranging the sprites on the stage will be your next task.

Figure .



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