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Lesson 2. Animated Bullet Lists > Adding Text Cast Members

Adding Text Cast Members

You need to create the text that will be animated. You used the Text window in Lesson 1 to create cast members, and you will use it again here to create the lines of text in the bullet list.

Choose Window > Text to open the Text window (Windows Ctrl+ 6, Macintosh Command+ 6 ).

You will create three lines of text as separate cast members.

Select Times as the font, the Bold style, and a size of 24 points for the text.

The font for these new cast members should be identical to the font you selected for the title, but the font size should be reduced.

Enter this line of text:

Through Multimedia

The Property Inspector tends to remember the last color you used for text, so the default color of your text as you type may be determined by what you did previously. If the text doesn't seem to be appearing at all, the likely reason is that the text is colored white on a white background. Look at the thumbnail in the Cast window to see if the text is showing up there as it should. It should appear as cast member 5.

Open the Property Inspector and select the list view and the Text tab. Find the color chip and use it to select a color for your text.

You can also reverse the actions in steps 3 and 4, choosing a color first and then typing the text. Select a color that will show up well against the background graphic.

Click New Cast Member to create a new cast member. Then enter this text:

With Animation

Choose the same color for this text as for the preceding cast member.

Create one more text cast member and then enter this text:

Over the Internet

This should also be the same color as the other two.

Close the Text window.

The cast should now have seven members.

Figure .

If you can't see cast member 7, either use the scroll bar or drag the lower-right corner of the Cast window to resize the window. You can also choose File > Preferences > Cast to choose the number of thumbnails you want to see per row.

Close the Property Inspector. Then choose File > Save to save your work (Windows Ctrl+S, Macintosh Command+S).

You have finished creating the cast members that will be the lines of text in the bullet list. In the next task, you'll create another cast member that you will use as the bullet that begins each line; you will create this new cast member in the Paint window.



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