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Lesson 19. Advanced Navigation > Setting Up For This Lesson

Setting Up For This Lesson

To give you a jump-start on the second part of the Fine Dining application, the cast has been assembled for you and sections of the score have been filled in.

Choose File > Open and locate and open Start1.dir in the Lesson19 folder on the CD.

You must use the Start1.dir movie file in the Lesson19 folder. Even though this lesson is a continuation of Lesson 18, the Menu.dir file you completed in Lesson 18 is not the same as the Start1.dir file for Lesson 19. The programming is essentially the same, but the Start1.dir file for Lesson 19 contains additional sounds and images that were not needed for Lesson 18.

Save this file as Menu.dir in your Projects folder on your hard drive.

Don't play the movie yet. First you need to add to the movie.

From the Lesson19 Start folder on the CD, copy the Order.dir file into your Projects folder on your hard drive.

This is the movie you completed in Lesson 18. You will need this movie if you want to test the Order button during this project. If you finished Lesson 18, you can use your own copy of Order.dir instead.

Open the Cast window and familiarize yourself with the project assets it contains.

Figure .

In addition to the elements you started with for Lesson 18, the cast for Lesson 19 contains graphics and audio files that you will need to add feedback to the Fine Dining application's user interface. Similar elements are grouped together to make them easier for you to locate: graphics are first, in the order they are used in the score; the transition from Lesson 18 is next; sounds come after the transition; text is next; and scripts are last. The scripts that you add to this project will be added starting with the first empty position, cast member 46.

Open the Score window and familiarize yourself with the project flow.

Figure .

The first 38 frames of the score are just as you laid them out in Lesson 18. The movie begins with a simple background (in channel 1, frames 1 through 9), followed by a Dissolve Pixels Fast transition (in frame 10) into the main menu. The Restaurants and Locations panels are also where you placed them in Lesson 18. Play the movie and click the buttons to refresh your memory of how the navigation currently works.

The score also contains four additional sections, labeled with the markers BtnRest, BtnLoc, BtnOrd, and Back. These sections contain a series of one-frame sprites that, when played, animate the Restaurants (BtnRest), Locations (BtnLoc), Orders (BtnOrd), and Back (Back) buttons. The busywork of placing the individual button sprites on the stage has already been done for you so you can get right to work creating the Lingo that will make these animations spring to life. Drag the playback head through these sections to familiarize yourself with the look of these animations.

Now you're ready to get started on your project.



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