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Chapter 5. Playing & Refining Movies > Setting Pauses in a Movie

Setting Pauses in a Movie

You can use the tempo channel to create a pause in the playback of a movie. You can pause a movie for a specified number of seconds, create a pause until a mouse click or key press occurs, or set a pause that waits for a cue point to be reached in a specified channel.

To set a pause in a movie:

In the tempo channel, select a frame for the pause.

Choose Modify > Frame > Tempo.

The Frame Properties: Tempo dialog box appears.

In the dialog box, select a wait option (Figure 5.24).

Figure 5.24. Wait options for pauses in a movie.

  • Select the first Wait option if you are creating a timed pause. Then use the adjacent slider to specify the duration in seconds (Figure 5.25).

    Figure 5.25. Set the length for the pause by dragging the slider or clicking the arrows.

  • Select the Wait for Mouse Click or Key Press option for your movie to remain paused until the mouse or a key is pressed (Figure 5.26).

    Figure 5.26. Select the second Wait option to pause until the user either clicks the mouse or presses a key.

  • To pause a movie until a specific cue point is reached in a sound or a digital video, select the Wait for Cue Point option (Figure 5.27). Use the channel pop-up menu to select the channel of the cue sound or digital video. Then use the Cue Point pop-up menu to select a cue point in the chosen channel.

    Figure 5.27. The Wait for Cue Point option pauses your movie until a specified cue point is reached.

Click OK.



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