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Chapter 5. Playing & Refining Movies > Locking Playback Speed

Locking Playback Speed

When you've determined the proper tempo for your movie, you can lock that speed so that it's used by whatever computer your movie happens to play on. Doing so guards against a movie being played too fast on an advanced system but does not prevent the movie from playing back slower on a less-powerful computer. If you're trying to set the movie's tempo to play successfully on even low-end computers, first establish a tempo that those computers can keep up with; then lock that tempo.

To lock playback speed:

Set the tempo for the frames of your movie.

Open the Control Panel.

Rewind and then play back your movie from beginning to end (Figure 5.22).

Figure 5.22. Rewind and play a movie to record the playback speeds it contains.

Director records the actual speed at which it plays each frame and stores these values in the Actual Tempo display in the Control Panel. If the movie branches off into multiple segments (in an interactive presentation, for example), make sure you play through all these segments.

Choose Modify > Movie > Playback.

The Movie Playback Properties dialog box appears.

In the dialog box, check the Lock Frame Durations option and click OK (Figure 5.23).

Figure 5.23. Check the Lock Frame Durations checkbox in the Movie Playback Properties dialog box.

Each frame is now locked to play at the actual speed recorded when the movie was played back.

To unlock the movie's playback speed, reopen the dialog box, uncheck the Lock Frames Duration checkbox, and click OK.



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